Dillons Coupon Policy Changes | PLEASE READ

Late yesterday afternoon, I received an official notice that Dillons has changed their coupon policy.

This isn’t a huge deal, but I know of the uproar a change causes.  Please remember that I do not work for Dillons and have no control over this policy (although with our latest  very conservative estimates, we’ve sent $270,000 worth of weekly business there instead of the dreaded big box store- so I think I should be on the payroll).

While I’m not 100% sure of the reason for the policy change, I’m almost positive that Extreme Couponing, dealers, and some of those that have taken my workshops past the point of normal usage are to blame.  To tell you the truth, I’m almost glad for the change.

Here are the major changes:

  • The Manager reserves the right to limit coupons/and or items.

I’ve heard a couple of different rumors that Springfield stores are limiting customers to 8-10 like coupons per customer per day.

You can print the new policy here:

If I hear of any other changes, I will be sure to post them here.  In the meantime, please understand that I will not be answering personal emails about this change.  If you would like to discuss it, please leave a comment in this post.


  1. janie says

    I guess no more cart fulls of bacon..might need to change the class around now! that was a big selling point! I guess you taught us well!


    Alicia Reply:

    LOL- I’ve never taught extremism. My bacon trips were a long time ago and spread out over weeks!


  2. Natalie says

    While the policy change probably comes from extreme coupon shoppers, it will greatly impact the normal user. It’s common to take advantage of a 10 for 10 sale or stocking up for a few months with a good sale/coupon combo. Who needs 400 boxes of cereal? But, if you can stock up on six months worth of toothpaste, close to free, at one time….why not? Coupon users need to set reasonable buying limits, but the stores also must cater to that market if they intend to retain our business. While I do not support extreme couponing, I do think Kroger should review their new coupon policy to find a happier middle. Limiting 8 “like” items per sale/day/customer I fear will not work for my family and drive me back to the dreaded box store. One way or another I will end the day with a happy face……even if it’s just on a sticker from the greeter.


  3. Alyson says

    I’m very glad for this change. Now, if only Walgreens would do the same in terms of limiting. I think 8-10 of one item is plenty for any family.


  4. Karen says

    Thanks for the information. It is a shame that we all have to suffer for others extreme measures. Personally, after I learned to coupon from my “coupon lady”, yes Alicia, I couldn’t wait to share products with my family, friends, and the needy. Often the ones I share with really do not have the time or means it takes to take advantage of the good deals. Now I, and all of us, will have to work harder to keep our stockpile up to where we do not have to pay regular price because we run out.


  5. Lavonne says

    I have been hearing Dillons limits 5 like coupons, not sure if that is “per day”. Guess I will find out when I go get 10 of something :-)



  1. […] Originally Posted by Tistal I shop at Dillons which is a Kroger affiliate in Springfield, MO and I think we have a great policy! Unlimited doubles, no restrictions on how many coupons we can use, everything .01-.50 doubles and .51-.99 goes to $1.00. I love my Dillons! Dillons changed their policy a few weeks ago to allow managers to limit the number of like coupons, and the Springfield stores have set 8 as their magic number. They have also decided to discontinue the redemption of expired coupons. Dillons Coupon Policy Changes | PLEASE READ | thesensiblefamily.com […]

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